Review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11

I recently purchased Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and I decided… That I would review it by using it to write the review, I am speaking this post. So from here on out I will not be using anything other than Dragon NaturallySpeaking to write this post. (Unedited, so yes I know there are mistakes, just wanted you to see how accurate it is)

Dragon was relatively easy to install and train to my voice. It took approximately 30 min. for the whole thing to get up and ready for me to write this post, and I’m doing it all simply by speaking into a microphone on my desktop. I can imagine that getting used to speaking the punctuation, will be something that will trip me up from time to time but to be honest it is extremely fast to speak instead of type. I use the trainer that comes with it to learn my voice it took about 5 min. I read a bunch of sentences and for the most part it was very very easy. I think that after I read this post I will most likely choose to do another training session with more difficult vocabulary and give the computer extra time to learn my voice.

One thing that I’m really happy about is the ability to write and speak and think without having to spend so much time punching keys it’s been exciting to see the words come out as fast as I can think them. So if you been thinking about giving Dragon NaturallySpeaking a try, if you spend a lot of time writing, or you just a kind of a nerd about technology. And you can see this on edited piece of writing is indeed not so far off from what I meant to write. After only 30 min. I’m able to just speak this out and it ends up right here for you to read.

So without further ado here’s an Amazon affiliate link if you are thinking about buying it:






12 responses to “Review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11”

  1.  Avatar

    I’ve heard that it can be slow in posting the sentences after you speak them. Did you find that to be the case? I’m considering getting this, but am also curious about how Windows 7 Speech Recognition application might compare (that’s free, I believe). Thanks for the review!

    1. Spiro Pappadopoulos Avatar

      Not slow on my machine, i was impressed with speed and accuracy. Have to
      train yourself to say most punctuation and then to learn all the commands,
      as far as lagging behind it actually works really good. I don’t think that
      you’re supposed to speak and read at the same time I think it’s more speak
      and then reread… And by the way I am using Dragon to reply to you.

    2. Joyce120 Avatar

      Once Dragon is trained to your voice (ramp up time is about 2 weeks), it will type up to 150 words/minute.

  2. Ptsum Avatar

    I am using the 10.0 system and I am finding that I am having a problem using it on some chat forums, one chat forum that I use quite often, all of a sudden is not recognizing it now and I am having a problem with it in another chat forum. Is there anybody who could explain in simple terms why this is happening.

  3. Tcpride21 Avatar

    So does Dragon work inside programs like WordPressto post blogs, replies as you sayyou have done here ?

    1. Joyce120 Avatar

      Wherever you can type, you can use Dragon Dictate.

    2.  Avatar

      Yes, this post was written with Dragon, it works inside any text box that you see on your monitor.

  4. Mary Avatar

    I was looking at the Philip Digital Voice Recorder with Dragon Speak on it. My question, will it only type what I say, or can I train it to type what the Professor says as well?

    1. Joyce120 Avatar

      Mary, It will only type what you say as you must program it to your voice (voice profile) only.