Step Up Your Photo Game

In your social media marketing efforts it is important to incorporate as much photo and video sharing as possible. That means you need to generate these images on a regular and ongoing basis. That is one of the core services that GuestFeed provides for our clients, proffesional photography. The truth is much of it should done ‘on the fly’ and can result in what I call ‘reality show’ results. These photos taken during the course of business add credibility to your feeds. That being said I strongly encourage the use of professional photographers to create the images that are the face of the restaurant like this one:

Evenfall's Lamb Rack – A GuestFeed Pro Photo By @megelms

But what can be accomplished on the fly creates a personality and a behind the scenes feel to the images that is also very useful. For that reason having the right tools to take your social media strategy to the next level is important. For photos,the Canon PowerShot S95 10 MP Digital Camera is the choice. Why? Well for starters it is small, 3.93 x 2.30 x 1.16 inches, meaning you can pop it in your pocket to have with you during the night and take pics as the opportunity arises. But where this camera really shines is in its low light capability, it is built for it, with a f2.0 aperture it lets in more light than any other compact camera. That is especially important when taking pictures of your dining room or lounge full of guests, nobody wants a flash going off then. Additionally the Canon PowerShot S95 10 MP Digital Camera takes HD Video. Be sure to read the amazing reviews the camera gets by following those links to Amazon, it’s a great great camera.

Those two features alone mean that for carrying a device the size of a deck of cards your social media can be enriched with stunning photos even in low light, and HD videos to share daily.

Let me see the photo/video you create by sharing with me on twitter @spirocks. Happy Shooting.

Here are some pics I took with it recently for a post on my restaurant blog:

Canon S95
Canon S95

P.S. Note: To make sure you get the most from the camera make sure you get a class 6 or higher memory card, here is the one I got:






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