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  • Social Media Monitoring for Marketing

    Social Media Monitoring for Marketing

    Where are you when your potential customers are talking? Social media provides a chance to hear things you would never hear before, find customers you would never find before, and make connections that lead to sales you would never make before. The key is to be there to capitalize on the thought, comment, mention that […]

  • Getting the most from your Blog?

    Getting the most from your Blog?

    Thoughts from the Beach… Whether a small business or a professional your blog is not only a part of your online marketing efforts, it should be your lynchpin that holds it all together. Now since you are creating posts that share valuable and interesting information and offers on a regular basis it is time to make […]

  • Easy Way to Track QR Code Performance

    I get a lot of questions about whether or not anyone is actually scanning a QR codes, and if they are a worthwhile piece of the marketing puzzle. So are people scanning them? Yes and… No. Like so much else in life, it is about how they are being used, where they are placed, what […]

  • Why location is more important today than yesterday..

    … but not as important as tomorrow. What are the implications of social posting on location by consumers? A recent report by ListenLogic – 25% of social media shopping conversations are posted by consumers while they are in an actual store. Fueled by the explosive growth of the smartphone market share, consumers are commenting on their […]

  • The Spoke Social Dashboard

    Social Media is racing in ten directions at once, and you are trying to run a business. Are you going to log into each of your accounts as often as you should to share, listen, and monitor them? Likely not. That is why we have developed the Spoke Social Dashboard here at GuestFeed. It allows […]