The Spoke Social Dashboard

Social Media is racing in ten directions at once, and you are trying to run a business. Are you going to log into each of your accounts as often as you should to share, listen, and monitor them? Likely not. That is why we have developed the Spoke Social Dashboard here at GuestFeed. It allows us to monitor every social network, including multiple Facebook Profiles and pages, multiple Twitter accounts, post to Flickr, Foursquare, Linkedin, Post blog posts all from one page and login. Take a look:


– The ability to post scheduled messages to your networks at any interval you choose. Hourly/daily/weekly etc. Allowing you to plan out in advance and let it run on auto-pilot. We find it valuable in conjunction with our live daily posting and content creation.

– Spoke features: One login for everything. Multiple Facebook pages, Facebook profiles, twitter accounts, Flickr, Linkedin, Delicious, All 8 Blog platforms, etc

– Centralized  Sending, Monitoring, and Reporting – the name Spoke refers to a wheel where your business is the hub and each spoke is a part of your Internet presence. Spoke social was designed to bring it all back to the middle in one place.

– Industry leading monitoring: Including Brand and Keyword monitoring, even Yelp review monitoring. A central stream of all the comments and posts your customers make on all your social networks. No need to go around checking each one, or risk missing a customer reaching out.

This scratches the surface of what Spoke Social was built to do, but these are the highlights for most businesses. Their are several services out there that do some of these things, a few that do most of them. The most unique is the scheduling, and the ability to repeat messages at precise intervals. What truly sets this apart is the fact that we are available by phone at all times (mostly me). I am a business owner in Massachusetts (GuestFeed, Evenfall, Glory) and I understand what it is like to run a small business. This was developed for me to use to do my marketing and marketing for others at GuestFeed, and I loved it and decided to brand it to resell to other do-it yourselfers.

There are packages starting at $15/month and depending on how many messages you plan on sending I can help you choose the least expensive one that gets your goals accomplished. Like I said I will be available through it all to help you set up and get going, you can reach me at 617.379.3015 if you want to chat about it.

Some important info to have ready: How many posts (in total) do you think you will be making through Spoke Social to all your social networks? That will determine which package you would need.

Anyway I am happy that you were interested, and hope to hear from you.

You can find me on twitter @spirocks as well.






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