Video Marketing Example for Restaurants

We are always looking to find ways to use video for restaurant marketing.

Each video has a common goal which is to highlight that which makes the restaurant unique, and when you use video to market your restaurant you should do the  same. Where video stands head and shoulders above the other mediums you may choose is the human aspect, you get a feel for the person in the video and that is a key part of connecting with your audience. I have said this before but you can not be marketing the fact that you have food and drink. If you are doing that you are wasting your time. Most likely there is a subway or other processed food vendor that is selling cheap calories somewhere around you.

They have food and drink.

Your restaurant marketing should be about the things that set you apart, the one of a kind things that make your restaurant a unique destination and a value to the community that it is in. One thing that makes it that way is the people who make and serve the food and drink, it is their passion for the process and the end product that is of interest and value to the audience. Your restaurant marketing should be highlighting these things, and naturally the food and drink will be noted.

Here is and example of Video Marketing for Restaurants:

As you can see, this is as much about Lindsay, and the Process, as the product. It is an invitation to come see her and the rest of the staff. Video allows a window into what it would be like to sit at the bar and have Lindsay make a cocktail for you, it is personal and only possible in person or on video.

Have you used video for your business marketing or are you thinking about it? If you want ideas for how it could work for your particular business, just ask, its what I love to do.

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