When Calamity Strikes: Use your Connections

It’s the seventh big snowstorm of the winter, and another is bearing down on the east coast. Businesses of all types are open/closed and in limbo. Customers are wondering if they are open, so: Are you being proactive about it and answering them? Make sure you use your connections.


A) You should not take for granted that customers will assume you are open. Tell them as soon as you know you are open or closed. Get it out there on facebook and twitter so when plans are being made someone who saw it can say: “I know that Megan’s Pub is open.” Instead of calling around and maybe finding another place open first and just going there.

B) If you close, it is important that you let people know to avoid the anger of getting to your locked front door. No matter what, you are in the wrong if they do. Even if there is nothing you could do about it.

C) Don’t be afraid to go ‘All In’ if you do stay open, business is likely to be diminished if you are open so why not reward those who came in with a free appetizer, a discount, or a free drink. Make sure you follow the laws as far as alcohol goes. Massachusetts doesn’t allow a daily change in price for such, they are protecting us from ourselves thank god!

How are you using social media to deal with this winter’s storms? I would love see your comments here or on twitter @spirocks