Most Realtor Web Pages Stink

It is hard to stand out when you use one of these: 

FACT: Most Realtor web pages are ineffective at getting more business for the Realtor who pays for them to do just that.

I believe this is the case because the majority are made by a company that fills in a template and plugs in MLS data. It does this, the bare minimum, and does it poorly with small pictures and old design look and feel.

FACT: The pre-packaged blog software with these template sites is cumbersome and leads to the Realtor not using it, causing them to suffer in search rankings and turning their website into an expensive static brochure.

This is because the blog feature was an after thought in the design and thrown in to answer the question: Do you have blog capability? The answer is yes, but it sucks.

FACT: These websites cost good money some more than $1200 a year, but they all look the same. Today’s savvy web user can spot a template from a mile away, and know that the Realtor is just going through the motions.

That is why I started building websites for the Realtors that I work on marketing for. It just makes the marketing work better when there is a site designed to get more business, not just make it easy on the website company.

Here is an example: Century 21 McLennan & Co.  

Contact Me if you want to talk about your website, and how we could tailor one to your market.

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