Your Restaurant Should Be In Video

There are many ways to share via social media, but without a question Videos are king. Think about it this way:  What can you share via social media? All your messages are either text, picture, audio, or video based. Of those, Video can convey an incredible amount of information without putting much burden on the recipient. It essentially combines all the others into a moving, speaking, visual buffet for the viewer.

And the results are obvious: Mentioning that a link leads to a video in a tweet/facebook post/or email newsletter always results in more clicks, which is the first step of interaction we are all after when we market via social media.

But what kind of videos should a restaurant make you ask? Well…

1) Videos that allow a look inside to those who have never been, these help build a familiarity. You would not believe how many people are not going to a new place because they are afraid of being uncomfortable, under dressed, too old/young, and a million other reasons. Video can get them inside from home.

2) Reality style videos, taken during service, on the fly and unscripted. These lend humanity and a sense of being an insider to the viewer.

3) Videos that focus on a product line… 1) Food 2) Martinis 3) Private Dining etc and center on making a creative rendition of the offerings you have in that vertical.

4) Staff Centered – choose a personality from your staff, one that you want every guest to be able to experience and get to know. Celebrate that person in a video and then make sure as many people as possible can see it…

Here are some examples of what we make at Guestfeed for our clients:

Taza Grille:
Guestfeed Video for Taza Grille
Glory Restaurant:
GuestAFeed video for Glory Restaurant
Evenfall Restaurant:
GuestFeed Video for Evenfall Restaurant

As you can see we make videos that show what happens at each place, most focus on food and the restaurant in action. People love them and we make them regularly for our clients. What do you do with video? Share a link here… If you want to keep up with what we have going on, check me out on twitter @spirocks






2 responses to “Your Restaurant Should Be In Video”

  1. Jennifer Avatar

    SO TRUE! I tell all my clients this and even vlog when I go to restaurants. Check out my channels: 🙂 The great thing is restaurants are starting to see this, and I get invites weekly to stop by their place & vlog for them!

    1. Spiro Pappadopoulos Avatar

      Sounds like you found a fun niche to work in, congratulations.