10 Things to Do Everyday in Your Marketing

10 Online Marketing Tips

  1. Leverage today’s online tools to create relationships with potential customers like never before possible.
  2. Be yourself, there is no faking it, the connections are stronger and anonymity is at an all time low.
  3. Be consistent, dedication to maintaining an active and available presence is key to maximize success.
  4. Do something in your marketing you think might work, but seems crazy, at least once a month.
  5. Merge online with offline, for example: ask questions online and offer prizes in person.
  6. Think about how much you can share, then do it, even if you don’t think people will care. (they will)
  7. Respond to interaction, don’t drum up interest and kill it with a non-response.
  8. Share what you have to sell less than what you know.
  9. Nurture your connections online, share their services and products, give them your endorsement.
  10. Be positive, optimistic, and honest, anything else is a turn off.

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2 responses to “10 Things to Do Everyday in Your Marketing”

  1. Matt Hamilton Avatar

    Awesome tips, # 7 is very important, it’s critical if you use social media for marketing to make real connections with your followers.

    1. Spiro Pappadopoulos Avatar

      Matt, Thanks for reading first of all. It is critical and you would be surprised how many amazing business people need to be reminded, and reminded again to not ignore interaction on social.