A Blog is your Lynchpin

A blog gives your business a voice, a chance to say what you do, and why. It gives you a chance today to explain these things and to have that message read at your audience’s leisure, to be found via Google and read well into the future, and to be available for you to share again in the future when the time seems right.

A blog is a way to tie together the content you create, whether online or off, in a nice neat package that is curated forever. At GuestFeed we believe that your online presence is fragmented to some extent without a blog. A central place to tie it all together. A Blog is your lynchpin.

Bring it all back to the center (you) with a Blog

Content can be created (take a series of photos for instance) uploaded to flickr, then shared from there on facebook, and twitter. Great. But how are the people who are viewing these photos finding you, your business, and making a real connection between the two? A blog does that.

You can take the photos, edit them, upload them to flickr, then create a slideshow there with them. Then you can embed that slideshow into a blog post on your business blog, and share a link to the blog on facebook, twitter, etc. When the photos are viewed they are seen on your domain, with links to all your other content. They are not consumed elsewhere with links to other peoples content around them.

Now that is not to say that you will get no leads, customers, or traffic from social networks. Clearly that is not the case, but it is definitley more likely to benefit you if your stellar content is surrounded by ways for them to learn more about you, links to contact you, etc.

Blogging is time consuming, demands consistency, and at the same time it is crucial to achieving the marketing success you are looking for online.

What do you think?

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