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  • Restaurant Mobile Ordering Technology

    As national chains and billion dollar valuation delivery operations drive revenue to their locations / partners where do today’s independent and small group restaurants turn to maintain their share of the market? There are thousands of stand alone app creators, and now restaurants are dealing with clusters of tablets and reconciling sales totals and reimbursements […]

  • Dominate Instagram Marketing: How to Increase Your Brand’s Local Audience

    Dominate Instagram Marketing: How to Increase Your Brand’s Local Audience

    Instagram has held the distinction as the fastest growing social media network for over a year now. For brands like yours, it puts the ability to get close to your targeted local audience in the palm of your hand. This requires a healthy dose of inspiration be it artsy, humorous, insightful etc… it also requires […]

  • A Responsive Website’s Time Has Come

    What is a responsive website? It is important to understand the terminology when dealing with technology, in this case a responsive website responds to the screen size and makes the content easy to consume. Think about the sites that make you zoom in desperately to read them on your phone. Those ARE NOT responsive sites. […]

  • Restaurant Marketing Cheat Sheet

    Restaurant Marketing Cheat Sheet

    Here are some quick hit tweaks to your online presence that will get you found: Info people want should be front and center: Menu – Hours – Address – Phone Number. All on mobile ready pages. Get it done. Check your info on the big referrers, Google Local, Yelp, etc I recently found one of my […]

  • The Only Way to Put Your Business in the Center of Attention

    The Only Way to Put Your Business in the Center of Attention

    The time to deny it, IS OVER, mobile internet rules the day. If you question this, do the following:  Look at any child with your iPhone or iPad. Look at your spouse across the table from you. See what people are doing on the train. Check out what gets the attention of people in line […]

  • Mobile devices are shaping business today.

    Mobile devices are shaping business today.

    Recent research by location-based ad network JiWire has given us some great insights into the way mobile devices are shaping business today. This is not a prediction, this is what is happening around you and your business right now. I found the following points most interesting: People from 18-34yrs old own on average 2.4 mobile connected devices each. […]

  • Google Plus Customer Management

    Google Plus Customer Management

    So I am embarking on a new project with my clients, to utilize the tools google has given us in Google plus to organize and market to their customers, prospective customers, and the world in general. First we are using gmail to maintain customer database, and then we are organizing these customers into circles by things they […]

  • Run your own Group Buying Promotion. I am.

    Who needs Groupon? Keep all the revenue and stir up some serious business along the way. In this post I am going to explain how with an example I just put together for Evenfall Restaurant, it’s a home grown group buying marketing campaign. It’s Mojito Time. The Hook: The more people that buy the cheaper […]