Employee Involvement In Social Media Marketing

Getting employees involved in representing your business online via social media is a challenge, as it involves several obstacles to successful implementation.

1) Getting them to be active as part of their daily routine.
Having employees take part in the critical day to day operations of a business is standard operating procedure. Yet getting them to thing about promoting the business on the fly during their day to day is a challenge.

For instance: A restaurant has several people who are key contributors to the ongoing story. The chef has the chance to post about some beautiful produce he got in or the day’s special, the bartender can post about a new beer on tap or a picture of him or her with some regulars, the examples are easy to come by. But getting them to post at all requires retraining, and the act of logging into several social networks mid stream is definitely a source of friction.

2) Security of your online accounts.
Regardless of the employee, most owners will not want to hand over their passwords to an employee to use as they wished. There are several areas of concern, but the most troublesome would be the theft of the account itself. All the others are issues that any company with a social presence is subject to already; inappropriate or inaccurate posts about it being the top of that list.

The new employee posting system I am beginning to offer to current clients addresses all these things, by allowing the owner to give individual employees the ability to post to selected accounts via a unique email address that is specific to each employee. With that email the owner can allow one employee to update their facebook page, twitter account, flickr album, and any of 60 more by sending one email. The owner can also allow another employee to update the same facebook page, and twitter account, without any others.

This service is being introduced at $10 a month for up to 8 employee emails ($1.25 per employee per month), when you buy a year subscription. There is no limit to the number of times you can change the emails and there is no limit to number of messages you can send.

You can also sign up for a month to month membership at $12.95 a month.

We are offering a limited number of free month trials, tweet me @spirocks with the message ‘I want #spokesocial employee posts’ and I will send you the info you need to sign up and get the free trial.


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  2. Katie Parvin Avatar
    Katie Parvin

    Love this & completely agree. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Spirocks Avatar

      Katie, Thanks for reading it. Glad we see eye to eye… now to get the employees onboard.