Get Better Analytics

Look at this picture and think of the center of the wheel being your business on its website, the spokes are your social media marketing accounts and campaigns, and the tire is all your potential customers who come across your social feeds online.

Each social spoke is bringing customers into the center, your business. When they arrive, they land on the various pages you are linking back to via your social media marketing efforts and discover what you are all about. It is a critical arrival, one that can be undone with a quick click of a mouse. That is what a bounce is. Like a retail shop where they would say: ‘Just Looking’ and leave; these potential customers can leave even more effortlessly.

That is why it is critical to design your site well, to revise underperforming pages, and continue to keep it fresh. You most likely have google analytics on your site right now. But are you delving into what is going on? You should be. What pages get the most entrants? How are the pages you are linking back to doing at keeping people’s interest long enough to look through more pages? Do you track conversions or goals?

Here is a cool video I found about setting up custom google analytics reports. Try them out, they can give a much clearer picture of what needs attention and what is doing well. At GuestFeed we give our clients clear and concise reports about the activity on their social networks. Some of it is from Google, and this is how we do it:





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  1. Cindy Morus Avatar
    Cindy Morus

    Where’s the link to the video?

    1. Spiro Pappadopoulos Avatar

      It has been updated. Thanks for pointing that out.