Local Business Marketing Plan

When you are marketing a local business online, you may feel like you are a tiny company fighting huge rivals at a disadvantage. It is true, you can not compete with a national company’s budget and resources… so what you need is an online marketing plan that leverages your advantages to put you on top.

You are Local and that Matters.

When you are marketing a local business online you can show off things about your company that the national guys can not offer. Things like the local employees and owners that live in the community and understand it, their passion and personality should be front and center in your marketing plan.

Example: I often talk about Realtor Marketing Online, because one of my clients is a local broker who has set out to dramatically reshape his company’s presence online this year. To do so, the marketing plan we created for him focused on sharing his company’s amazing skill set through online content.

This online content takes the shape of blog posts, data driven market reports, informational videos, and sharing it all through social media. When you are talking to a real estate broker who wants to take his business to the next level, what type of marketing plan would you suggest? Real Estate is a VERY local business… the product never moves, so it is clearly a local marketing plan that leverages the fact that they know the community and the market that is needed.

For this account we demonstrate his employee’s ties to the community and why his brokerage is the number one brokerage in both homes sold and average selling price. We don’t just send out every home he lists and call it a day, we make online content like this video:

And we create compelling online content that brings value to his customers and potential customers, like this:

What this online content does is accomplish a few things that are crucial to the success of marketing a local business online:

  • Demonstrate your expert status
  • Let people get to know you and identify with you as a person in their community
  • Show that your knowledge leads to results
  • Offer them information for free that helps them understand your business

Your Business Can Compete

The game has changed but you are still positioned to come out on top as a local business, so many industries have been turned upside down by the ease of connecting online. Instead of suffering from this change I encourage you to take the opportunity to share your skills, knowledge, and ability to help people with the business they do in the markets you serve.

Whether you sell Instructional Seminars, Chicken Parmesan, Million Dollar Homes, or Designer Jeans.

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