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Realtor Websites Suck, Here is Why

This is the next in my series of suck posts, because it’s time for a change in how Realtors address the internet.

Why? Because Most Realtor Websites Suck, and I know why:

  1. Technology moves fast and yet many Realtors are still filling out paper ad requests and calling it a day on marketing.
  2. The use of the Internet by real estate consumers took off and crafty companies sold mediocre websites to Realtors who think they are done with their ‘internet presence’.
  3. MLS data conglomerates like Trulia, Zip Realty,, and, have the resources to outdo the individual who uses a pre-made MLS regurgitating website, rendering them more like brochures than resources.
  4. Most Realtors don’t have the time, expertise, or desire to build a great web presence so they use a template reseller, and check off the website box in their mind.

People Are Different

Realtors are people, and People are different. Putting your name on a website that hundreds on other realtors use in your region is not good enough. Ask yourself what value does it add, why do I have it, and where am I going with it? 

Yes I am talking to you, with your nifty RLS2000 site, it has all the words you need. MLS search, lead generator, a blog. You have your own web address you can send people to, but guess what, they are not using it. Instead they go to trulia or zip realty and they get what they are looking for there.

Why? Because MLS data is a commodity now, and your site offers it in a restrictive way: Sign up to search, check out the little pictures, search for only one MLS# at a time. In short your website sucks. Sorry but you can choose to deal with it, or fork over hundreds of dollars a year to maintain your status as: I Own a sucky website.

What Realtors Should Do with Their Personal/Brokerage Sites

I didn’t come here to just tell you your site sucked, I came here with a solution so put away your knives. If you are ready to make a change, get outside of your comfort zone a little bit, and step out of the pack of people who check off their web to do list by paying for a cookie cutter site that regurgitates MLS data keep reading.

Reflect your Style

Your site should do the following things:

  • Your realtor website should reflect your style, and build your name as a brand with that unique style relentlessly.
  • Your realtor website should be populated with content that makes it a unique resource for those who visit it.
  • Your realtor website should still offer the ability to search MLS, collect contact info, and find your social media accounts.

If you start with that, you are on the right track. Then you will need to consider what valuable insight packed content you can add. You are an expert on your local real estate market, you need to share that expertise on your site, and then out through social media, in that way creating a brand (your name) that is associated with expertise in your market. When a person wants to buy/sell that is what they are looking for and you will have been demonstrating it all along.

Remember: Be Unique, Be Yourself, Be the Best.

This plan isn’t for every Realtor, and I know that.

If you are at the tail end of your career and are not looking for a new project, just some supplemental income over the next few years from your existing contacts you can skip these suggestions and save yourself the money on a cookie cutter site as well.

If you are part time, selling homes for something to do, or as an interim to another phase of your life, this may require more time building it than you will actually benefit from.

If you are afraid of being the brand, not comfortable with putting yourself front and center or standing out from the crowd, or are otherwise not attracted to breaking from the norm you may want to continue with the industry proven marketing methods that with a little luck will have you squarely in the middle.

Yeah that is harsh, but that is true. If you can call up a company and have them paste your name and contact info into something, so can everyone else.

What kind of Realtor are You?

My plan is for the people who are not ok with mediocrity being their mode of operation. This is for people who want to find a way to ride the crest of the wave, who are not afraid to stand out, and who know that to be truly different you have to be yourself, be the expert, be the brand, and be willing to walk your own path.

I work with several realtors and brokerages, and while I don’t take clients in the same market as any of them, I would love to help you implement a plan to take your online presence and internet marketing to a new level. Here is More INFO

Wanna do it yourself, feel free to hit me up on twitter with questions @Spirocks








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