Reminder Marketing via Social

You own a business, whether a restaurant, retail, or service. The community it is based in is comprised of people who either know what you do, or those who are yet to find out. Much time and expense is spent on getting the people who are unaware to be cognizant of what your business excels at, and for good reason.

Remember though: There is much to be gained by reaching out to those that already know you, this is what I call Reminder Marketing. Social media it seems to me, was born for it. Your Facebook friends decided to connect with you, your twitter followers decided to follow, your linkedin contact did the same. Social media almost invariably is a collection of connections between your business and people that know it exists and probably what it does. So naturally the primary consumption of the content you share in all these places is by people who know about you. One of the goals is to have that content shared, liked, re-posted so that new people hear about you. But invariably the biggest return you will get is via the already proven connections.

If your business is known for your martinis made with fresh muddled fruits and herbs, or you list and sell the most million dollar homes in your market, or your store has the town’s nicest collection of organic products, you should use your social connections to gently remind people by sharing what is new. Remind them you are there, and show them what you have.

Do this by sharing your excitement over new products, the recipe for a new martini, or an upcoming listing… you don’t have to market with gimmicks like a sale price or limited time availability.


A tool that I use is the Spoke Social Dashboard which features Interval Scheduling Technology, you can see more about it here: Spoke Social Interval Scheduling

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5 responses to “Reminder Marketing via Social”

  1. OfferedLocal Avatar

    Hey Spiro,

    This blog post is absolutely spot on. Social media is mostly spoken of as a way to get new customers, but it’s as much about engaging with the people you already know as anything else. In our business we look at the chain as follows:

    Location based services (Google Places, foursquare, Gowolla) connect you with new customers

    Social media connects and engages with people who already know you

    Once you understand the difference between the two you can tailor your marketing and reminders accordingly. This is an area we are really working on with our product.


    Ed Loessi

    1. Spiro Pappadopoulos Avatar

      Thanks, I am glad this resonated with you. I would be happy to talk
      marketing with you anytime.