Restaurant Marketing: Great food Photos with a Smartphone

Why is this important?

The reason why knowing how to take great smartphone food photos is important to your restaurant marketing is that to be effective you need to reduce the friction you encounter when you set out to post to your blog and social networks. Taking photos can be a major source of friction in that quest. If you are waiting to have a photographer take them every time, or you are setting up your camera tripod etc, you will miss that special of the day more often or not.

Taken with my iPhone 4: 

iphone food photo - restaurant marketing

Being able to take photos like this is actually quite easy, and will have a great impact on your restaurant marketing effectiveness on social media and your blog. Here is a quick video that goes over the best practices for taking the best food photos with smart phone cameras:

As you can see it is simple, and anyone can do it. No fancy software, equipment, or time consuming process. If you liked this tip you can subscribe (top right) for future updates, and read more Restaurant Marketing Ideas Here.





2 responses to “Restaurant Marketing: Great food Photos with a Smartphone”

  1. Eric Windsor Avatar
    Eric Windsor

    Where is the video?

    1. Spiro Pappadopoulos Avatar

      Eric I just saw this comment, but you probably know I love video… this was in response to a client who was having a hard time with food pictures during service.