Restaurant Marketing Via Social Media 5 Things to Do Today

Not up to speed with social media marketing for your restaurant? You need to get going and here is the formula for a beginner or a slacker.

Start Social Media Marketing Today: Five Things To Do
1) Get a HootSuite account and link all your accounts to it so you can manage them from a singular interface. Focus on Facebook and Twitter.
HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard
2) Get a smartphone with a good camera (flash not a must), and during business hours take photos of your food/drink/bar/dining room. Get the hootsuite app for your phone (iphone/android) and upload these photos to your linked accounts. Consider getting a pocket sized point and shoot camera that takes HD video and good pictures in low light, here is a post I wrote about the best one you can get: Step Up Your Photo Game

3) Respond to each and every customer that comments on your posts, thank them for their support, agree with their compliments, keep the dialogue going. This is social media remember, be social.

4) Get a constant contact account, make sure every customer gets the chance to sign up for your email list during their visit. Use it to share what is going on at your restaurant no more than once a week. I prefer bi-weekly emails for my restaurants, and I have a 3350+ person email list.

5) Make sharing content via these avenues a part of your day, there is never a shortage of things to share at a restaurant, tonight’s specials, a new wine, menu changes, new hires, and on and on. Keep your phone on you and share on the fly.

These five things you can do in one day to dramatically change your social marketing efforts, you have to keep it up, consistently becoming a part of people’s lives and online experience. You can and will experience increased sales from doing just these things, to take it to another level check out what we do at GuestFeed.


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  3. Geoff Roberts Avatar

    I think that getting your restaurant onto customers’ mobile phones is becoming increasingly important. This blog article explains why:

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    Just for the record, I know a great company of young professionals in Boston who do amazing work with restaurants social media strategies. They are called SignedOn (