Social Service: Six Ways to Shine

Exceptional service doesn’t just start when a guest arrives anymore: These days it starts online when a guest is choosing where to eat.

Here are Six ways to make your ‘Social Service’ exceptional:

1) To begin with your social presence should be welcoming, friendly, and courteous. You want people to feel your humanity in your responses to them, in your broadcast about what you do, and in the way you translate your passion for what you do. One example of this can be found in a post I wrote about real time customer service. Notice the tone and approach taken with the customer, and most importantly the outcome. Because the response was prompt, courteous, and friendly. She will return and likely with a greater connection to Evenfall than before.

2) Your social presence should be knowledgeable in your niche (whether a burger joint or a caviar shop). You should be a beacon of information that help people learn more about what you do in your niche, and what others are doing/writing/saying about that niche. If you make hamburgers, you would explain why you chose the type of bun you had, and share stories about the world record breaking burger in New Mexico. You want to develop a reputation as a source of honest commentary on your topic.

A Mediterranean Restaurant, establishing its authority via twitter…

3) Your social presence should also be efficient, and that means being respectful of peoples time, not loading them up with post after post about what you are doing. It is a balancing act that you understand as soon as you come across someone who does too much of it.

4) Your posts will serve best if they are well timed, reaching your guests at the times they are most likely to be making a decision about where to go, what to eat, etc.

Note the timing, the photo, and the brevity.

5) One of the most crucial is to be consistent, your social presence can not offer great service unless it is. People with passion for what they do, do it all the time. Even if you don’t have a passion for social media marketing your business, if you do it at all it needs to be consistent.

6) Exceed Expectations with your social interaction, reach out to guests quickly that ask about something you do. If you do it will lead to amazing guest experiences that will translate into loyal customers, and the creations of ‘social evangelists’ like in the post linked to here.

These six steps can lead to an amazing following online, and most importantly at your business. It is what we do for our clients at GuestFeed everyday so I know it works. If you would like to chat about it I am always up for that here or over on twitter @spirocks… till then happy holidays.







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