What Do Only You Do?

Its crazy but business owners often forget WHY customers come to them. Chances are you are one of them, I think about things like this all the time and occasionally I catch myself doing exactly that too. It is weird, and it is costly.

Why do customers choose you?

Is Your Location One of a Kind? Use it!

Is it your location, a skill that only you have, a recipe, a willingness to do things others are too lazy to do? Are you the most dedicated, do you always smile? Is there a single thing that you can point to that brings in customers that none of your competitors can claim?

Chance are there are more than one, but even if it is just one thing, all is not lost. You have that one thing. Ask Google if that worked for them.

Leverage the Hell out of it.

Take that one advantage and figure out a way to make sure as many people as heavenly possible know that about you or your business. If you perform 100 services that mimic other companies, but two that only you do, talk about those two.

If you have a restaurant that grows its own basil to infuse vodka with, and your basil lemon gimlet is amazing, you should talk about that as opposed to the $2 Bud Light Drafts. Sure $2 is a great deal but are you differentiating yourself? Are your marketing pitches interesting or the same as every other going through the motions marketer?

Do me a favor, I know you want to make more money by bringing in more customers. That we agree on, but can we agree on what marketing is and is not?

Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. – American Marketing Association

That seems about right, the key being that you are communicating offers that have value for your audience. That VALUE is the key, and that is why I am asking you to think about what only you do. The things that only you do are where your intrinsic value lies to the customer you seek.

Find it, Embrace it, Share it, and Build On it.

Thanks for checking this out, if you are marketing yourself or your business, or are doing marketing for others, I would love to help you. With the software tools and experience we have at our disposal at GuestFeed let us know what your challenge is and I will personally offer you a plan of attack.

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    Evenfall does amazing seafood. All the time. And steak and frites. Yum!

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    Good Reminder…Thanks

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      Glad you liked it Catty.

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