Example: Real Time Social Media Customer Relations

Recently I wrote a post about how your customers view social media as real time, and today I had a experience that serves as a good example to share: (name and face blacked out for obvious reasons)

Here you can see a customer and Facebook friend of Evenfall Restaurant, sent a Facebook message complaining about the name of one of the cocktails that Evenfall sells. You can see that at 1:19pm the customer was bothered enough to send an email about it, and by 1:35pm had a response from Evenfall. That is real time customer service, it wasn’t a day or longer, it was minutes.

Evenfall was able to reach out in the following way:

Now this customer may be so turned off by the name that she will never return, which is not at all what the restaurant wants, nor any of us at GuestFeed, but she did receive an immediate response. That response was not defensive, harsh, or untruthful. It provided an explanation and a link to more information. What the customer decides to do now is up to her, but the restaurant was able to demonstrate that it cares what she thinks without a shadow of doubt.

So social media gives you this opportunity, what you do with it is up to you. At GuestFeed we strive to take advantage of every one of these opportunities and drive the message home; The restaurant is listening, we care, we want every interaction with us to be pleasant, human, honest, and beneficial. We believe that the vast majority of people respond to that type of communication in a positive way.

If we hear back from that customer I will share that as well.


We did indeed hear back from the customer, and you can see the results of the real time communication here:

What do you think, have you had success with this? I am here to converse, or hit me up on twitter @Spirocks

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  3. Elizabeth Grenier Avatar

    Great post! Awesome control over what is being said about you, managing your restaurant’s reputation, etc.

    1.  Avatar

      Thanks. It’s the beauty of social media, and the curse if you ignore it.

  4. Michael Taillie Avatar

    Great real “life” example of real-time customer service. I always feel bad when I miss a post and don’t respond until like 13 hours later.