I Got Sauced

i got sauced

It started out all in good fun. I wanted to open a place that made a really really good burger, crispy wings tossed in original homemade sauces, some hand cut french fries that you think about later in the week, and a small curated selection of craft beer cans. A fun, vivid, graphic vibe; bright colors, big tvs, funky names, and unapologetic ideas like a burger named: The Fat Kid. (A burger with every topping from every other burger including an over easy egg)

We would hire inspired cool people and have fun chipping ideas around, like making a hotter sauce by growing our own ghost chiles and coming up with a banging burger special each month that everyone loves. There is an infectious vibe in the crew and it resonates through the names and ideas that we toss around. I will never forget the way one of the main studs in the Sauce crew told me about an order for an extra patty fat kid burger. Harrison Starkweather (love that name) told me that someone had just ordered a Two Patty Fatty. Loved that.

Business blossomed as the team came together, more and more customers fell for our big ideas for simple food. We embraced spice and found a legion of heat seekers that wait for the next insanely hot sauce to come out. It isn’t always easy to grow, we had to tinker with the tiny space, adjust our food prep schedule, replace computers, and adjust the distance we would deliver to a few times. But we always have had a mojo, and some very talented chefs putting their heads together. Between Mike and Pat and Spencer the food is always under a close eye, and while we may be a fun loving group we take good food very seriously. I love a place that has no snobbery, no air of arrogance, but that just dives right into the fire to make something the best that they can, that is the goal of Sauce, and we try to get closer every day.

In Short; I Got Sauced, and I want to get the world Sauced too.

Some Recent Pics:

Burger of the Month Oct 2014 – The North Beef Burger – roast beef, northshore style bbq sauce, horseradish mayo, cheese & onion strings.

Home Grown Ghost Peppers:


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The Social Feed and Employees



How does your social feed embrace your employees? Does it at all?

These are the questions you should ask yourself. Are you tagging employees in pictures of the product of their labors, are you recognizing the fact that many hands are involved in creating what your business accomplishes? Do you thank, mention, and acknowledge in your social feeds?

Here are some reasons you should: 

  1. People who love doing a good job, like to know it is appreciated. And keeping great employees is the first step at keeping customers coming back. Be the leader they want to work for, one that gives them love.
  2. Social Media is public, and employees of other businesses in your area are watching. They will be more likely to want to work for you if they see you building your team up.
  3. Your employees have friends and family that want to see there work life celebrated too, these are not only sources of positive reinforcement but also potential customers who are looking to embrace those that support their loved ones.
  4. These employees are the faces of the story of your business that the community will want to embrace, a cocktail without a bartender is not the same experience. Celebrate your story, and the characters that make it unique.

There are tens of thousands of reasons to involve your Social Feed and Employees. These are just a few. Above you can see Mike, Spencer, and I having some fun at Sauce. If you wore your Jorts in that Thursday you got a free hand cut french fry… see those Jorts are worth something!

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Learning Teaching Motivating

“I think the big mistake in schools is trying to teach children anything, and by using fear as the basic motivation. Fear of getting failing grades, fear of not staying with your class, etc. Interest can produce learning on a scale compared to fear as a nuclear explosion to a firecracker.”

Stanley Kubrick


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Tip: Consistently Communicate with Customers

Marketing a restaurant is a game of consistency, you can’t post/email thirty two things in the next 15 minutes and then take two months off. You know that. Yet it is still likely the case that you find yourself with gaps in your communications, lapses in the connection with your customers that helps drive business through your door. What you need is a plan, a system that helps you simplify, and I have one for you. 


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Restaurant Marketing Simplification System:

First you need a base that you control, a place where you can guarantee the rules won’t change and affect all the work you have put in. That is your website/blog, and I spelled out the reasons here: ( Don’t Just Rent Your Friends ) If your restaurant website does not have a blog section, you should make that project number 1.

  1. Create a Blog on your website: Your blog is going to be the place where you create the content that is spread throughout your social networks and email lists.
  2. Create a Mailchimp Account. Great news; they are free up to 2000 contacts so you can try this out with no risk. Mailchimp allows you to send RSS campaigns, which means that once you publish a blog post you have Mailchimp automatically create an email from it and email it out when you want, like say 10am on Friday. That’s it, email campaign done. 
  3. Decide the frequency with which you wish to contact your email list. Once you have that plan, all you need to do is create a post before the date and time (give it an hour early) you set in Mailchimp and you are done. Most people find creating a blog post a less cumbersome process than creating an email and best of all you kill two birds with one stone. 
  4. Social Network integration via Mailchimp allows you to connect your restaurant social accounts and post to them at the same time.

So there you have it a simple way to create great content once, on a platform you control, and get it distributed free to everywhere it needs to be.

How frequently to post to your social networks:

In addition to the above, I suggest having a plan for social media only posts, as you should post to them more frequently than you email. So say you have a new special every Tuesday, share a picture of that with a simple one line description.

One great place to do this is through instagram, where you can take a photo of a special appetizer for example and share it to not only instagram, but also facebook, twitter, flickr, and tumblr all at the same time. Maybe I will write another post on that if you are interested.

Got any tips on how you streamline your restaurant’s online marketing? I would love to hear.


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How to Use Instagram Video for Business

An old journalism saying goes: “Show me, don’t tell me.”

When you are introducing a product or service it is better to show the qualities that make it the best than simply saying it is the best. By showing you enable the viewer to decide for himself that it is the best, not question you declaring it the best.

Recently at one of my restaurants, Sauce, we decided to make a homemade Shandy we thought would make other shandy beers feel shame. So we added a homemade hibiscus – jalapeño – lemon/limeade to a full can of genesee cream ale in a 24oz cup.

To launch it we made the above instagram video.

Show, don’t Tell.

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