How to Use Instagram Video for Business

An old journalism saying goes: “Show me, don’t tell me.”

When you are introducing a product or service it is better to show the qualities that make it the best than simply saying it is the best. By showing you enable the viewer to decide for himself that it is the best, not question you declaring it the best.

Recently at one of my restaurants, Sauce, we decided to make a homemade Shandy we thought would make other shandy beers feel shame. So we added a homemade hibiscus – jalapeño – lemon/limeade to a full can of genesee cream ale in a 24oz cup.

To launch it we made the above instagram video.

Show, don’t Tell.

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Name one thing


What is the one thing that you do to go out and get customers to try your product, or purchase it again.

The catch is it can’t be a magazine ad or a traditional media buy. No mass mailed coupon or such.

Is it a unique card you personally hand out? Some social campaign thingy? Do you reach out personally on Facebook?

What works for you? Tell me @spirocks on twitter.

I am Spirocks on Twitter.

Limits and Entrepreneurs

For people who start new businesses and build brands from scratch, limits are the lifeblood of creativity. It is frequently said that ‘It would be nice if money were no object.’ Well it is, so is the employee talent pool, getting the best locations, the customers in your market, and about a thousand other things. The entrepreneur recognizes all these things, finds a niche and builds an offering that delivers value people are willing to pay for.

All these things are limits, they are the parameters of the current possibilities for the business. Embrace them, squeeze them like your own child, they are yours and they are the reason you will succeed. It is important to feel that way about them, for they should be the fostering ground of your creativity, the hurdles that create what is unique about what you offer.


To train your brain that way is to embrace the limits, and to dominate them. It may be easy to get lost in the day-to-day functions of your business, and lose sight of what parameters you are working within, but that is where discipline should kick in and get you back on the path you know you need to be on.

The ancillary benefits of that discipline are many. It is easier to train your employees when you have a defined framework to work within, and what you do will be clear to your customers. It wont be a messy collection of exceptions, it will be clear, concise, and easy to understand.

In Employee Training: Due to our size we carry three brands of the major liquor varieties, for instance for Vodka: Grey Goose, Tito’s, and Reyka, These three represent three price points and all offer exceedingly high quality. Grey Goose is the leading ultra premium vodka in sales, Tito’s is an excellent American made and gluten-free vodka, and Reyka is a small batch premium vodka from Iceland. With these three we will be able to deliver vodka drinks in three price points, $11/$9/$7 — make notes of any customer complaints about this selection and be sure to include the brand requested, as managers will tally them and adjust the three brands if needed. Be sure to offer the customer a taste of the brands we carry if they are not familiar.

I believe that too often a new business creator focuses on the limits as reasons why they can’t make a situation work, instead of embracing them as the guideposts to help navigate them to success. The first step is identifying your limits, then planning to deliver value within the parameters. That discipline will give the business the matter of fact nature that it needs.

In the above example, if someone wanted a dirty vodka martini and they were unhappy with any of the three vodkas offered, they would be in a tiny tiny minority, say 3% of the population of vodka drinkers. Yet every bar has a plethora of vodka bottles, many which do not sell much at all, taking square footage, time to inventory, store, and clean. If you multiply that over and over in various undisciplined categories, what is the true cost of not staying within limits? I would wager that it is far greater than any profit you will make from serving the ultra-picky 3%.

Thoughts and comments?

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Don’t just rent your friends from Facebook


Too many business owners have an online strategy which relies on garnering as many likes as possible for their Facebook page. This is wrought with peril and here is why:

At any time, and they do it often, Facebook alters how you connect with these people to further their goals. Which all revolve around making money off of these connections. They want you to rent your friends, plain and simple.

So as time changes, the investment you have made in those connections is adjusted, filtered, and rearranged to become more profitable for Facebook. Recently they altered how many of your business posts people who liked your page see if you don’t pay to promote them.  Its time to focus on making connections with these friends and followers as permanent as possible.

The answer for most of you: Build your email list. Start today, make it worth their while. How much should you invest in time and money? Answer one question: What is a permanent connection to your customers worth to you?

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What is your Threshold for Celebration?


I can imagine that may seem like a strange question. I truly understand that, but really, at what level/threshold do you take a moment away from anything else you do to celebrate something? I believe people benefit from celebrating things at a lower threshold than is common.

As a business owner, manager, really anyone over entry level you are a leader of people, try not to forget or ignore that for too long. You will benefit from celebrating true steps forward with your people. Yes, celebrate steps, that is the basic tenet of this argument.

Celebrate more.

Let’s not wait for a year end goal, or a doubling of sales, or the ‘ends to any means’. I want to note: this need not be a business only idea, why wait until a year after a wedding to celebrate a ‘Real’ anniversary, why not send flowers to her for months on end to celebrate your monthly anniversary of the first kiss you shared?

Identify what the first step is to getting where you dream of going, when you take that step celebrate it. Whether that is launching your business into a new market, or marrying the person of your dreams. Celebrate the first kiss, celebrate the new menu with the team that will deliver it, celebrate the first deal of a new salesperson.

Spring Shoot

Don’t wait for something huge to celebrate.

Time is your most valuable currency, don’t waste its value with inaction. -CP

Doing that has two huge negative effects, and a million (or so) smaller drawbacks. The first big one is that by waiting you require the team to rely on inner motivation to get where you want to go. That doesn’t sound like a good start to me. The second big drawback is that the celebration seemingly has to be bigger the farther along you go. For that matter, celebrating can be as simple as sincere compliments, acknowledgement of a person or team in front of their peers, sharing a few beers (after work if need be). That’s the thing when you celebrate smaller things; the celebration is easy and fun.

After Work Gathering

Surprise people.

Celebrate accomplishments they may not know you noticed, do something impromptu or without fanfare that celebrates, and in doing so recognizes, accomplishments. Those small steps to the goal you have set. Motivation pours out of actions like that in many forms. Your team will feel appreciated, taken care of, and free from worry about if their toils are noticed.

Lower your threshold and enjoy life more. This is your life remember, you can build an environment that works for you.

I am Spirocks on Twitter.